Corrosion monitoring equipment

The corrosion monitoring process provides a comprehensive inspection of all important components in industrial equipment and facilities used to find the effects of corrosion. In this regard, safe and efficient operation requires identification of the location, rate and main causes of corrosion.

Corrosion monitoring equipment used to measure the amount of corrosion inside oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical plants can measure the amount of corrosion off-line and on-line. Among the most important applications of this equipment are corrosion monitoring of pipelines containing sour gases, oil and various types of water such as cooling water, process water and even drinking water.

EAGLE OILFIELD Co. is the supplier of the following products:

  • Corrosion Coupons
  • Disc and Strip Coupon Holder
  • Retractable Holders
  • Access Fittings
  • Solid-Hollow Plug
  • Retriever and Service Valve
  • Service Tool Accessories
  • ER Probe and Analyzer Data Logger
  • LPR Probe
  • Hydrogen Monitoring Probe
  • Injection Sampling Systems Retrievable

تجهیزات پایش خوردگی

In the field of monitoring and inspection of cathodic protection, EAGLE OILFIELD Co. is the supplier of the following EP-TECH Canada company products:

  • Current Interrupter, EPT/Cl-30, 50, 100, 200 Model
  • Analog DCVG Surveyor, EPT-4000 Model
  • GPS Synchronized Smart Data Logger, EPT/SMA-4000 Model
  • Hexlogger, EPT/HEX-4000 Model
  • GPS Pipeline Current Mapper, EPT/GCM-4000 Model
  • Soil Test Resistance Meter, EPT/124F Model
  • Pipe and Cable Locator, EPT-1000 Model
  • Pearson Holiday Detector, EPT-1000C
  • Holiday Detector, EPT/AC-16, 20, 25, 30 Models
  • Digital CP Multimeter, EPT/LC-200
  • Solid State Decoupler Cell, EPT/SSD-ATEX-25, 50, 100 Models

تجهیزات پایش خوردگی

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