Instrumentation Equipment

Various industrial environments, such as refineries, power plants, and factories, produce countless needs of societies. In each of these industrial environments, complex and large processes are often performed. In all these processes, in order to ensure their proper and correct operation, it is necessary to have information about the flow of processes such as:

  • Temperature (Temperature Transmitter)
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Flow Transmitter
  • Fluid level in tanks (Level Transmitter)

And there are many other things to know, as well as the need to use operating equipment such as control valves to direct the flow of the process in the desired direction.

Instrumentation is a topic that deals with different methods and principles of measuring these parameters. In Instrumentation, a suitable measuring element is recommended for this purpose to measure a specific physical quantity, depending on the operating conditions.

Equipment provided by EAGLE OILFIELD Co. for the instrumentation group includes the following:

  • Surface equipment (transmitters – markers – switches and gauges)
  • Flow equipment (transmitters – switches and gauges)
  • Pressure equipment (transmitters – markers – switches and gauges)
  • Temperature equipment (transmitters – markers – switches and gauges)
  • Liquid and gas analyzers
  • Control and Automation Systems (PLC-DCS – ESD)
  • Alarm systems, fire extinguishing and gas leakage (F & G)
  • Regulators, actuators, Positioner and spare parts

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